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A.M.S Electronics Ltd., is a leading Subcontractor that operates in the field of advanced assembly and full Turn Key Solutions in the Electronic industry.

One Stop Shop

AMS provides all supply chain services for the assembly process, from planning and procurement, through to “shipping to customer” service under one roof

Production Site

The Company’s advanced technological production plant is located at Rosh Ha’ayin (center of Israel) and spreads over  an area of 5,200 square meters


The machinery and assembly lines at the plant are state of the art, designed to ensure the highest possible technological level


The Company has a wide range of diverse customers in all fields such as: medical, communications, industrial, military and others

Our team

The Company’s staff consists of over 150 skilled and competent employees, managed by a professional team of managers, all with extensive experience in industry and global companies


The Company was established in 1994, and has acquired a great deal of production experience in the electronics industry


Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Planning → acquisition of materials → inventory management → assemblies → inspections → packaging and delivery
Assembly Services
Assembly Services
All electronic/mechanical assemblies including electronic circuits (PCBA’s) and integration of full systems, based on cutting edge automation and processes
Perform functional/Pre-functional dedicated ATP, burning, automatic BI room, analytical and diagnostic capabilities and advanced troubleshooting.
Support for various Rework operations for BGA, QFN components by means of dedicated machinery manufactured by ERSA.
Advanced Solutions
Advanced Solutions
PCBA Cleansing with water based solvents which are environment friendly
Acrylic coating with high accuracy automatic machines.
Potting (with Polyurethane substances), Ultrasonic Welding, De-Paneling via Router and more
Prototype Services
Prototype Services
A prototype services (NPI), including technology/engineering guidance.
Technological Reports
Technological Reports
Technological review of products pre- and post-assembly, production of detailed technological reports and recommendations for amendments of preparation/processes
Packing and Shipping
Packing and Shipping
The products are packaged in dedicated/universal packaging and then dispatched to the Company’s customers and the end customers.

one stop shop

Supply Chain Process


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