Operation and Services

Operation and Services

AMS Electronics is one of the 10 leading EMS contractors in Israel, and is a high mix low volume electronic assembly provider. All processes and procedures are designed and implemented to support maximum flexibility and rapid response to changing needs.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (Planning, Purchasing, Production, testing, Packaging and Shipment).

Assembly Services

The Company provide a wide range of Assembly Services for various products and industries, based on cutting edge automation and processes
All electronic assemblies that exist in the industry including all components and technologies available in the field including: POP – Package on Package, 01/005 Components, Micro BGA’s, Flexible PCB’s, Multi-Layered Prints and more.
Top Level Assembly
Mechanical assembly and integration of systems and products
Other Services

Additional processes and services are available :·

Acrylic coating by a fully automatic machine.


Ultrasonic soldering .


The company has an extensive array of process control starting from the initial assembly stages to functional testing of different products .

The company carries out quality control for all products and processes .

The company has high capabilities to perform analysis and debugging of electronic faults.

Full AOI inspection for all assemblies.

DAGE X-Ray machine

FAI Process including - ExtraEye FAI machine

Pre functional testing - Teradyne ICT machines

Functional testing, Burning, BI (Automatic), Debuging and etc.

2 machines manufactured by Teradyne ICT


The company performs various Rework jobs in accordance with the need of its customers.

Support for various Rework operations for BGA, QFN components by means of dedicated state of the art ERSA machine which uses the latest IR technology.

Rework operations are conducted on electronic and Mechanical assemblies.

NPI & Prototypes

The company has extensive experience with significant volume of NPI services for its costumers.
  • NPI
  • Production
Full management of NPI activities
Full management of NPI activities including supply chain management and technical overview . Over the years the company has developed an Operational Model to support short time delivery.  .
Technological Overview
As part of a prototype services ( NPI ) , the company provides technical guidance and Engineering overview in order to provide a smooth transition to serial production.
Technological reports
Technological reports for DFM recommendations.

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