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New X-Ray machine

New X-Ray machine


AMS’s new X-Ray inspection system (QuadraTM5 by Nordson Dage) takes PCBA and component inspection to a new level regarding resolution, zoom-in capacity, accuracy, tilt angle (up to 70 deg), and many more.  Thermally-loaded component inspection sets an example to a  genuine challenge. Seeing through multiple layers of metal makes the daily quality assurance and failure analysis a challenging task. Another example is to detect tiny metal strips such as internal thin conductors of the PCB and internal wire bonds inside microelectronic components.

Our new inspection system also has scanning software that performs an automated inspection routine (AIR) on every PCBA requested by the customer. We make sure every such element undergoes inspection from the same critical angle needed to assure its quality. The results are saved under the PCBA part number and even under the serial number for traceability purposes.

The system’s output can also be analyzed using special software processing 3D imagery based on an interpolation procedure.

The process allows better scores in lead-time and reliability and secures the customer’s ease of mind regarding the delivery of operationally proven and tested systems. 


The X-Ray tube features:

  • Feature recognition of 0.35µm (0.95µm above 10W) and a Voltage level of 30-160kV
  • The Aspire FTTM Detectors feature: Resolution of 3MP, Frame Rate of 25 fps, and a Pixel Pitch of 50µm