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About Us

AMS Electronics Ltd., a subsidiary of PCB Technologies, specializes in electronics manufacturing services. Our customers' diversity spans across industries: medical, communications, industrial, military, and others. We are known for our long-term relationships with our customers based on transparency, professionalism, and quality of service. Our advanced technology and production plant (Overlooking 5200 square meters) is conveniently located in the Rosh Ha’ayin industrial zone in the center of Israel.

All of our operations are computerized and monitored by a comprehensive state-of-the-art information system and meet the highest of standards to form a “paperless” configuration.

Our Team

We believe in leadership based on by a can-do attitude and a creative approach, backed up by four decades of experience

Privileged to lead an incredible team, working to build a world-leading company in the electronics industry

Oved Shapira

Focused on achieving operational excellence through great teamwork. Responsible for engineering and operations

Rotem Benichou

Director of Electronic Manufacturing
Responsible for supply network and procurement excellence

Michael Digerman

Supply Chain Director
Responsible for sales and marketing and committed to customer satisfaction

Ori Amir

Marketing Manager
In charge of operations, warehouse management, and logistics

Tzedi Levi

Plant Manager
Focus on Product, Engineering, and Architecture

Eldad Miller

Manages a broad range of HR functions, empowering our greatest asset - our people

Nina Zeitoun

Human Resources
Setting the company’s quality strategy for compliance with the highest international standards

Rachel Shachri

Quality Assurance Manager
Responsible for production planning & control, project management, and portfolio analysis

Avi Ovadia

Planning & Control Manager
Responsible for production and engineering processes & configuration control

Yan Nepomnyashcy

Engineering Manager